Abstract Redhead Nude by Corinne Galla

Abstract Redhead Nude

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Painted on a large, 30" x 30" square canvas, this romantic abstract redhead nude artwork has lots of impasto texture from the many layers of mixed mediums.

I used a base of acrylic paint and gesso to build up layers and purposeful texture, and I made lots of the darker marks and outlined areas with water soluble charcoal and black and gray oil paint.

The figure's formed from nearly vertical brush strokes, and then more oil paint was added to create the warmer colors and make horizontal forms for the arms and legs.

Title: Abstract Redhead Nude
Size: 30" x 30" x 1.5"
Mediums: Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Gesso, Charcoal
Support: Canvas, Sides left the original white, Wired and ready-to-hang